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Bob James established Cathodic Protection (NZ) Limited in 1989. Bob brought CP to NZ and became Mr CP of NZ, where he designed, installed, and maintained CP systems on most wharves and pipelines all around NZ and in some Pacific Islands. Grant Chamberlain purchased the CPNZ business in 2021.

As an ACA Corrosion Technologist, Grant can approve all CP design, commissioning, and Survey work as per the AS2832 suite of standards. These standards cover Pipes and cables (pipelines), compact buried structures (LPG tanks), Fixed immersed structures  (wharf and bridge piles), Internal surfaces (water tank internals), Steel in concrete structures (Concrete bridges).

CPNZ can supply all your CP needs from Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Routine monitoring on a range of buried or immersed assets.These assets include LPG Tanks, Water, Gas, Fuel and Wastewater pipelines, Wharf piles, Bridge pipes (both Steel and Concrete), Steel tunnels, Tank internals, Penstocks, Clarifiers, Reinforcing Steel in concrete structures.

Grant has more than 32 years of experience in the Corrosion Prevention field, both as a Coatings inspector and then with CP. CP first began while working for the Natural Gas Corporation (now Firstgas) with the 3000KM of pipelines throughout the North Island and the ONGAS LPG system.

He was then responsible for the Vector Gas distribution CP systems throughout the North Island. Then as a Corrosion Technologist for CCE, covering everything CP, from concrete CP in Bluff to water tanks, wharf piles and pipelines in Northland. Having a wide experience in Coatings and CP enables Grant can provide a holistic approach to corrosion prevention.

CPNZ is fully equipped with the
the latest current Mapper and Radio detection
PCM-X which allows CPNZ to:

• Check CP current flowing from one pipe to another
• If CP current is flowing to electrical earth
• Electrical shorts to another structure, i.e. another pipeline
• Faulty isolation joints
• High resistant joints, i.e., valves
• Perform ACVG coating defect surveys

• Access to DCVG survey equipment allows CPNZ to locate coating defects.
• Third party strike damaging the coating or worse.

• Using 4" and 14" Swain Clamps allow CPNZ to take CP current readings and confirm isolation.
• CPNZ have Interrupters and data loggers to enable graphs of the on/off curve - reading at each location.

• CPNZ own an MC Millar multimeter, which is designed explicitly for Cathodic Protection.
• Exothermic Welding gear - to enable long-term low resistance cable connection.

• CPNZ have access to soil resistivity equipment allowing us to Meter and determine when to install an anode bed.
• Using DCVG survey equipment, we can conduct routine coating surveys and final QA checks on new pipelines.

• CPNZ have CIPS (Close Interval Potential Survey) to identify any low potential areas.
• We use hardy vehicles (Isuzu 4x4 double cab Ute) for accessing remote locations.
• We also hold a range of Anodes - Magnesium anodes, Magnesium ribbon, a range of Zinc anodes, Zinc ribbon, Silicon Iron anodes and MMO Anodes.




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